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15 May 1981
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Haven't updated this profile in a while, guess I'd better do that. I'm 26 at the moment. In the BS of Information Technology program at CSUCI. I live in Simi Valley with my half-crazy sister, haven't managed to figure out that situation just yet. I've been dating the wonderous and amazing Allesy, Champion of Isles, since late September of last year.
Let's see, what else...? I have become a hopelessly hooked member of the SCA, ever since Mo dragged me, kicking and screaming, to my first war four years ago. Yay, for killing and killing and killing and death. Simulated, of course. We want the people who we stab with a sword to get back up, the better to stab them again.
I'm a computer geek, always have been. A professional computer nerd, no less. An MCSA. That's Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator, to you non-geeks out there. My soul has been consumed by the Warcrack, its too late to save me now =P. And I'm also a big tuck guy, I drive a 2006 F-150. Not a quick or manuverable starfighter-class car, I know. But the extra large cargo bay serves me well on trips to war, and I recently proved that the heavy armor is a bonus as well.